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Our entities

Merin Asset Management

Is an independent company within Merin Group, providing the full scope of project development, project sales/lease, and asset management services through an integrated business platform to both local and international investors.

With its exceptional track record, Merin Asset Management is positioned as one of the market leaders in this segment, hallmarking its work through outstanding results across all service lines.

Merin Asset Management’s comprehensive portfolio includes investment projects by Merin Group, as well as third-party investors.

Merin Asset Management scope of services:

  • Development site identification and acquisition
  • Assistance in project design development and construction permit provision
  • Financial and legal consulting related to project development and project finance
  • Strategic setup of property operations
  • Operations management
  • Property leasing, sale, and marketing
  • Property performance assessment
  • Legal services and assistance in securing mortgage financing for apartment buyers
  • Operations restructuring and property repositioning

MERIN GROUP is one of the leading investment and project development companies, based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Merin Investments

Represents a set of special purpose vehicles (SPVs), related to Merin Group’s proprietary investments.

Our investment appetite is spread across property types, as we continuously strive to fully utilize the competitive advantage gained through our comprehensive involvement in the regional real estate industry. This has provided us with extensive market know-how and development timing sensibility.

Merin Investments and its renowned equity partners’ mission is to capture attractive investment opportunities and increase the market standard with each developed property.

All investment ventures developed by Merin Investments are entirely managed and handled in-house by the Merin Asset Management.