MERIN GROUP originated as a boutique real estate service provider, providing primarily project development and advisory services to one of the leading general contractors in Serbia,

with later leading the asset management process for their proprietary real estate investments in the Serbian market.

As our company matured and experience grew stronger, so did our appetite for widening the scope of our business endeavors and defining new roles we wish to take in the CEE market. This motivation and proactive attitude of our expanding in-house team helped us enter real estate market as an equity investor as well, with a goal of fully utilizing our team’s capabilities and capturing lucrative investment opportunities in the region.

Commercial success of completed projects and strategic partnerships we created along the way lead Merin Group to its current stage, where we established ourselves as a recognized, independent investor, developer and service provider. Our ambition does not stop here. We are determined to use our know-how to the fullest and remain a rapidly growing company with one of the largest pipelines in the region.

Mission and

Core mission of Merin Group is to develop and implement strategies that convert ideas and investment opportunities into highly successful and lucrative projects.

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