Merin Holdings represents leading real estate services and investments group based in Serbia. Merin Holdings has its presence in SEE markets and continuously provides full scope of professional services by consolidating strengths and in-depth market knowledge of three independent real estate entities within the group, each of them specialized for different branches of the real estate industry.

We are providing highly sophisticated end-to-end consulting services to investors, developers, and tenants. Through combination of strong market knowledge, usage of internationally recognized standards (RICS, TEGoVA, IVSC), extensive local experience, and “best in class” real estate know-how we are helping our Clients make reliable, profit maximizing business decisions.

Our team, characterized by extensive local and international expertise, will provide our Clients with a structured and accurate advice in investment, development and management processes. Our philosophy is based on long term cooperation and therefore we observe our Clients’ success as our own. Our track record clearly states that we follow our Clients throughout the lifespan of their projects and stand as a strategic partner in all of their real estate ventures.


Merin Holdings originated as a boutique, tailor-made real estate service provider for a major general contractor in Serbia. More precisely, Merin was in full operational control of their private investment ventures including commercial, retail and residential developments in the region.

At the maturation stage of our company, along with the expansion of our team, we entered a new phase by partaking in several carefully selected investment endeavors as an equity partner, all to achieve full effects of competitive advantages our market position offered.

Notable success of completed projects accompanied by the accumulation of capital, as well as expansion of our equity structure and investor base naturally led Merin Holdings to the current stage where we have grown into the recognized, independent investor and reputable real estate services provider on the Serbian market.

Merin Holdings corporate philosophy relies on strong principles, clear policies and professionals of high caliber. All our employees are fully committed to create additional value for our Clients through high quality, concise, accurate, and timely deliverables.


Core mission of Merin Holdings is to act as the consultant of trust to the leading investors, businesses and Government institutions in all real estate related areas, as well as to develop and implement strategies that convert ideas and opportunities into highly feasible and profitable projects. Our comprehensive experience combined with utilization of highest international standards brings significant value added factor to our Clients' decision making process, minimizes their risk and maximizes profit. We are dedicated to provide highest quality services to our Clients whose needs and interests we put ahead of our own.


Our vision guides all aspects of our operations as we keep on achieving sustainable quality growth as consultants and partners of trust in all segments of the regional real estate industry. We aim to continue our growth as the leading financial and professional real estate services group in SEE region, while creating winning partnerships with our Clients, all with lasting value, offering our people inspiring and great place to work and generating long-term profits to our shareholders.


Merin Holdings has built one of the strongest teams of real estate specialists and niche consultants in Southeastern Europe. Our employees are proven to be the best-in-class, and will undertake any necessary action to deliver structured product, overcome potential risks and successfully lead your project to the finish line. Experienced, highly motivated and dedicated to their work, our employees will create unique added value to your company and your project. On top of that, our team has strong relationships with financial institutions, investors, developers and authorities that can help you realize the unleashed potential of your operations.

Nevertheless, the success of our team is supported by strong friendly relations inside the company, pride, commitment, admiration, humor, trust, and belief in what we do. These skills and relationships perfectly position our company to take early advantage of business opportunities as they arise.

Our culture is particularly open and friendly – and it’s the way we partner with our Clients, and genuinely want to be working as a team.

The trust is one of our core values. Clients work with Merin Holdings because they value and trust the advice that our teams of experienced professionals can leverage. We are the brand that is immensely proud of our heritage and trusted reputation.

We also constantly work to further build our expertise and relationships, and stay an innovative, forward-looking organization – where our market insight and knowledge ensures that our trusted service will always keep the Client one step ahead.