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Quality standard

Proud of everything we do
Each residential unit stands out for its highest quality materials and finishes.

  • External envelope is an aluminum system of double-glazed windows, with built-in blinds
  • Mineral stone wool, 10 cm thickness, as thermal insulation
  • Energy efficiency passport class "B"
  • First-class Italian granite ceramics manufactured by Ceramica Italiana, Italgraniti, and/or in the similar range
  • Sanitary ware by Laufen, and/or in the similar range
  • Faucets by Hansgrohe, Grohe, and/or in the similar range
  • Multi-layered first-class oak hardwood floors
  • Suspended ceilings in the bathrooms
  • Recessed lighting in bathrooms
  • Top quality air conditioning by a renowned manufacturer
  • Safety entrance door by Bosal, Lux model
  • Supply connection for cable television, telephone, video intercom
  • Optical and coaxial cable

Facade and roof


  1. Facade coating system (high quality finishing render in two colors) in combination with glazed openings


  1. Non-walkable flat roof
  2. The roof covering is a waterproof PU-UV membrane with top protective layer of gravel


Facade carpentry, locksmith and interior doors

  1. Aluminum system, Alumil, Reynaers, and/or in the similar range
  2. Windows with built-in blinds
  3. Single interior doors in two width sizes — 81 and 91 cm, 220 cm height
  4. MDF door frame with extruded chipboard filling for sound insulation, externally coated with polyurethane white paint
  5. Hardware by a renowned manufacturer

Apartments entrance door

  1. Safety entrance doors, standard size single door by BOSAL, Lux Model
  2. Fittings by German manufacturer HOPPE
  3. Massive steel structure with 14 metal anchors
  4. Locking in 3 directions and 6 points, 3 fixed pins on the side of the hinges
  5. Security lock of the highest quality and security class
  6. Excellent thermal insulation and first-class sound insulation, up to 42 dB
  7. Certified to the IV level of anti-burglary protection


• Floors and walls are covered with first-class ceramics by Italian manufacturers Ceramiche Italiane, Italgraniti Group, and/or in the similar range
• Floors are covered with granite ceramics, size 60x60 cm
• Ceramics on walls up to the height of kitchen elements, from the floor to a height of 150 cm

• Floors and walls of bathrooms, toilets and laundry rooms are covered with first-class granite ceramics, dimensions 120x60 cm, by Italian manufacturers Ceramica Italiana, Italgraniti, and/or in the similar range

  • Bianco

  • Grey

  • Beige

  • Beige

  • Grey Terazzo

Bathroom Equipment

  • Washbasin by Italian manufacturer Laufen, and/or in the similar range
  • Wall-hung toilet bowl with slim soft-close seat manufactured by Laufen, and/or in the similar range
  • Built-in toilet flushing system
  • Built-in bathtub, dimensions 160x70cm, by manufacturer Laufen, and/or in the similar range
  • Faucets by manufacturer Hansgrohe, Grohe, and/or in the similar range
  • Shower set with outer handles and a sliding bar
  • The balcony floors are covered with A-class, anti-slip ceramics, dimensions 60x60cm
  • The floors of the ground floor, entrance hall, staircase and common areas are covered with granite ceramic tiles

Hardwood flooring

  • First-class multi-layer finished oak hardwood floor, Tarkett, and/or in the similar range
  • In living and sleeping areas
  • Dimensions — approximately — board thickness 14mm, width 140mm, length 1000-1200mm, chamfered edges on the longer side
  • Lacquered for increased durability and easier maintenance with UV Protecto Strong varnish with Aquagard protection against liquids
  • Sound and thermal insulation under the floor

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